Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seriously, Jared Flood? Seriously???


I thought one crazy Jared Flood//Brooklyn Tweed love filled post would carry me over to the next year. No, no, of course not. Now, when Wool People Volume One came out a few months backs, I went crazy queuing things and immediately bought the yarn and pattern for Levenwick. It's a good thing all I have left to do is sew on that stupid (re: cute) pocket and weave in some ends, because this morning Mr. Flood descended upon my inbox yet again.

Curse you, Brooklyn Tweed, curse you! BT Fall '11 is what I am talking about.

So, as with Wool People, I am filled with joy and my wallet is filled with dread, because the only thoughts crossing my mind right now are, "What do I knit first?!" and "Gosh darnit, I need to get me some more Shelter!"

One of the things that makes Brooklyn Tweed so special is the effort that goes into everything. Not only did Jared design some of the collection, but he photographed all the knits and arranged them in a lookbook ala Wool People. It's the little things, really. And the fact that cables make me go weak at the knees.

But. On to the knits (or, as this post should be called, "what I will be knitting next. And after that. And after...").  All photos are from the Brooklyn Tweed website

Flint by Jared Flood
Ashby by Leila Raabe

Huxley by Jared Flood

(I love that little vest!)

Irving by Jared Flood

Peabody by Leila Raabe

(and oh my this pullover)

Ninian by Jared Flood

Topiary by Michele Wang
Rosebud by Jared Flood

In all seriousness (and fangirling aside), Brooklyn Tweed continues to impress and inspire me more and more. This little blog has evolved so much and so greatly since I first read a Jared Flood blog post. And the designers from this collection can hold their own against some of the greats. While Ashby has stolen my heart, I think Rosebud needs to be mine. Guess I found a use for that Shelter ;)

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