Monday, July 25, 2011

Fangirling is Fun...

or why I love Jared Flood.

I have the tendency to fall in love with things, mostly locations, that I have never experienced. I like to refer to Boston and Portland as my favorite places I would like to live...that I've never been to before. I also like to fall in love with scruffy and seldom bespectacled knitwear designers who live in Brooklyn.

I'm looking at you, Mr. Flood.

My boyfriend rolls his eyes whenever I mention that there is a new Jared Flood pattern out or whenever I talk about how attractive he is. There are very few "big" male knitters, dear, so please cut me some slack, nod your head and let me just *imagine*. He can deal with it because today, because, well, I can't even handle today.

Boy Knitter.
Yarn Producer.

For the sake of all other men, Jared Flood needs to stop.

Anyway, I will put the fangirling on hold (for now), because what inspired me to write this (ridiculously embarrassing) post was not Mr. Flood himself, but a collaborative effort between himself and some fellow designers: Wool People Volume 1, a collaborative effort between 14 knitwear designers (Mr. Flood not included). The collection includes 15 patterns, most of which are garments with a few accessories thrown in the mix. This collaboration pairs designers like The Shetland Trader Gudrun Johnson (whose askew cardigan just might be my favorite in the collection), Quince & Co.'s Carrie Bostick Hoge, and Stephen West with some designers you may not be as familiar with, which is a pretty darn awesome experience.

And these designers really hold their own, with people like Leila Raabe (designer of the popular Shaelyn shawl), Kirsten Johnstone, and Olga Buraya-Kefelian, who has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. This post has taken me over an hour to write and, as I flip through these images again and again, I still can't decide which to knit first. All images are taken from Jared Flood's website or Ravelry, unless otherwise mentioned.

Levenwick by Gudrun Johnson
Allegheny by Thea Colman
Hourglass Throw by Anne Hanson
Holl by Kirsten Johnstone
Seraphine by Lucy Sweetland
I just. can't. decide. In the meantime, feel free to Queue these (and all the rest, like I did) on Ravelry or check out the on Brooklyn Tweed. I think I might just cave and purchase some Shelter this evening.

I feel like the only proper way to end this post is with this question...Jared, will you go to the school dance with me? Check YES or no.



  1. I adore Jared as well. I love his style and passion for the yarn! I too was very impressed with this concept. Having a range of indie designers is a brilliant and generous act that will bring lesser known designers some new fans. My favourite has to be Seraphine. I'm scouring my stash for the right yarn and I am pretty sure I will be knitting that in the Autumn.

  2. Eddie knows Jared Flood and Stephen West. He is perfect.

  3. I looooove Seraphine and I think it might be the next thing I make. I have two skeins of beautiful Eco wool that would be perfect.