Thursday, April 7, 2011

A couple of WIPs and a SALE!

Hello dear readers.

Haven't posted much these past few days. Yesterday was my birthday (woohoo!) and I had to work all day. I've also been plagued by a TERRIBLE backache and it hurts to really do much. I'm not sure what I did to create the problem, but I'm trying as hard as I can not to antagonize it. Kind of sucks for my (comeback) workout routine.

I'd like to share a couple of WIPs today. The year started out crazy good inspirationwise, but my designing has kind of tapered off since February. I have a notebook full of ideas, but just haven't been motivated to set out and design anything. But this week ideas have been pouring out of my head and into my little sketchbook. I'm hoping I'll have some new designs to share soon.

Kiss, Kiss Mitt with picots

Kiss, Kiss Mitt without picots

I cast on for a Kiss, Kiss Mitt this afternoon and whipped one up in an hour or so. One of the reasons I love this pattern is that it goes super fast and  it looks a lot more complicated that it actually is. I remember when  I working on the design I knit three in one afternoon. Three! Don't worry...I finished the fourth one the next day. Oh, and I used the leftover Tosh Merino dk in Calligraphy for this mitt. I still have one more and the thumb on this one, but I need to work on a few other things first.

This is the Bias scarf by Helena Bristow. I'm knitting it in Tosh Merino Light and I'm using the Well Water colorway. I'm knitting this for Matt's sister, whose birthday is this upcoming Sunday. I'm not sure what to knit their brother (they're twins), so if you have any good pattern suggestions, please let me know. I may just end up opting for a Caribou giftcard. 

Bias detail
As I mentioned, I'm also working on a few new designs. One uses Tosh Merino Light (in Graphite...yumm...) and I have a little swatch to share. Just a little peek.

Design sneak peek

I'm hoping for a yarn pornz this week, but I can't make any promises. I would like to announce that I'm having a Spring Fever Sale in my pattern shop until April 10. Just a little way of celebrating spring, birthdays and my fiber friend Christie's wedding (we so excited!).

So, from now until April 10 (Sunday) all patterns in my store will be 15% off. Just enter "SPRUNG" at the checkout. Check it out here.

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