Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slow week...and meeting Sally Melville!

Sorry it's been such a slow (and pornzless) week, folks. I just haven't really felt inspired to write, nothing is moving off my needles and the design process has come to a slow. AND my yarn still isn't here. Boo *pouts* Let me tell you, though, that this next yarn order is going to be a doozie and that my mother is sure to disown me. Curse you, non-lys, curse you!

I started to knit a hearthstone (World of Warcraft reference, anyone?) a few weeks ago for the nerd in my life. I found an awesome nerdy crafting site (seriously...check if out, even if you're only a little bit nerdy) while searching for some WoW knit goods, but didn't really see many. But, seeing as I hate dpns, I gave up on it when I needed to locate stuffing. I was cleaning yesterday and feeling sentimental, so I finally stuffed it and stitched it up. I don't know if I'm still going to give it to him (it was meant to be romantic...hearthstones are used to teleport you home in the game, yada yada).

My hearthstone
The back
So I kind of concocted my own heartstone pattern (basically a little hacky sacky thing) and stitched the hearthstone spiral and the word "home" on it. I wanted to write "to guide you home" on it, but, as you can see, my embroidery skillz, they suck. As do these photos.

//romantic nerd.

Anyway, something exciting is going on at Wool & Co. this week. Sally Melville, the knitting legend, has come to town for some seminars and whatnot. And today I got to meet her and help her find some Tosh. It was super exciting and I even showed off my Daybreak shawl to her. I texted my friend Katie Cyborg (of the Harrisburg Cyborgs) and she kind of died a little :)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to take any of her seminars this week (too much working, examing and concert going for me), but I'm hoping to see her speak at the Fox Valley Knitting Guild tomorrow night. My favorite Sally Melville book that I've browsed through is Mother-Daughter Knits, one that she co-wrote and designed with her daughter Caddy. My favorite designs?

Cabled-Edged Vest by Sally Melville

Altered Austen Jacket by Caddy Melville Ledbetter
The Slouch, also by Cady

I really enjoy that book and both ladies are super talented. We sell so many of Sally's books at the shop and the Einstein Coat class is one that always fills up.

Hopefully my next class will contain at least a little yarn pornz and some Sally Melville updates. And less nerdery.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Also, now that I'm looking at your giant stash from LK I'm jealous. I shouldn't have been responsible! I SHOULD have bought that insane amount of yarn!

    PS..Love this blog. Definitely a step up from our LiveJournal days. HA! Well, for me anyway. You always had good entries.


  2. Also my "verify you're not a bot" code was "barnbra" HAHA! OK I'm done.

  3. What, you mean you haven't yet learned that you buy yarn first AND THEN feel remorse/ask questions/plan out projects?