Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yarn Pornz & some updates

Even though this blog is nearly a month old (wow!), I'm still settling in and figuring out blogger. I was once a rabid Livejournaler and spent 6-7 years lurking there, so of course this blogger will take some getting used to. Don't be surprised by any formatting and layout issues in the coming days.

Things have been rainy and cold here lately. It's almost England weather, and, while I crave summer, I don't mind too much. My car is still on the fritz, meaning I've been confined to my house for the past few weeks, so I really don't mind the cold and rain. It gives me an excuse to curl up with a cup of tea and knitting.

My Daybreak is coming along nicely. I'm very pleased with the colors I chose and, even though I'm not a shawl person, I feel like I can rock it. Hair up + some nice earrings = perfect shawl accompaniment. I've also been scrambling to work on my Cowboy Cowl, but I fear it won't be done before the Malabrigo March cutoff. Somebody needs to spend less time on Ravelry. Is there a support group for that yet?
Ok. Enough blabbering and on to this week's "Yarn Porn," brought to you once again by Madelinetosh. Tosh, tosh tosh! Obsessively hoarding the stuff isn't as terrible when you have tentative plans for all most some of it, right?

TML in Cove
TML in Faded Chinos
TML in Home
TML in Faded Chinos & Home - perfect?
TML in Ophelia
TML in Georgia O' Keefe

Tosh Merino DK in Earl Grey

So good, right?? Cove is my favorite new skein and it is absolutely breathtaking, though I was a bit disappointed by Ophelia. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful skein, but the photos I saw online were a bit misleading and I thought there would be some green in the skein. Maybe it's all inside? I don't have plans for Cove or Ophelia just yet, but I'm thinking Home and Faded Chinos would be perfect for Sweet Mama's Catkin. My LYS coworkers and I are anxiously awaiting the debut of that pattern. And I think my Earl Grey DK would look nice in a Pucker Up, don'tcha think?

My boss asked me a few days ago if I would be interested in doing a guest blogger post for the shop, so look for me over there sometime this week.


  1. Oof! Georgia O' Keefe and Earl Grey are so nice! I can feel my wallet shaking with fear.

    Definitely go for the Pucker Up, too. I think it will look great!

  2. I knoooooow.
    I originally bought Georgia (and Cherry) to use together, but I'm pretty certain that Georgia was meant to be used in a lace weight cardigan. I'm pretty sure.

    And I've seen the Earl Grey in TML as well and both are stunning.