Friday, March 25, 2011

Top 5 recent designs & a few to-knits

If, like me, you have over 200 projects queued and, even worse, 2,000 favorites on Ravelry (how did that happen?!), it can be a little difficult when sticking to your knitting plans. So, just to shake things up a little bit, I'm going to share my top 5 recentish patterns and hopefully that will inspire me (and you) to knit the things I intend to.

How beautiful is that? The shawl is lovely as well, but I'm really in love with this cowl. And I'm not a cowl person, remember? Rose recently published an e-book of shawl patterns and they're lovely as well. And quite affordable; you can get the Be Mine ebook for only $11.99. 

I have plans to cast on for this scarf as soon as my Daybreak is complete. Matt's sister, a fellow knitter, has a birthday coming up and I think she would love, love, love this. Of course I'm using Tosh, but I haven't decided on the color yet. I'm leaning towards Well Water. This scarf is simple and stunning, the perfect lightweight accessory as winter eases into spring and spring into summer.

Ugh. How much do I love Veera? She is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers. Have I knit anything by her yet? No. Do I have several patterns of hers? Yes. It's just a matter of time. Christie and I spent the better part of Wednesday night discussing our love for Veera. Stripe Study is a pretty epic shawl design. Look at how huge it is! Look at those stripes! Can you tell I've finally succumbed to shawl fever? It was only a matter of time. Also. Someone needs to buy me Veera's Book of Gray asap. Did I mention I have a birthday coming up? ;)

Cecily is another one of my favorite designers as of late. Lavaliere is her newest cardigan design and it is worked from the top down. In one piece! I've never worked top down before (I've only made two sweaters) and it's something I definitely have on my list for this year. I think this would look STUNNING in Tosh Pashmina. Maybe as a birthday treat. 

The Mitzutama shawl (yes, another neck adornment) is Olga's latest design. While some of her designs are bit too funky for me, she has designed a lot of interesting and beautiful pieces. And, even cooler, from March 14-March 28 she is donating 85% of pattern profits to Japan. How awesome is that? So, snatch up this shawl pattern! I'm also in love with Hari (it's a cowl! And sleeves!) and Foggy Hat.

With access to so many beautiful patterns, it's easy to see how so much time can be spent on Ravelry and not knitting. Thank you all for publishing such beautiful things. 


  1. Oh man that Olga shawl has some Tosh potential...

  2. What DOESN'T have some Tosh potential?