Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So many UFOs

Why, dear knitting gods, do I elect to do this to myself each and every year? December 21 and I have completed exactly ONE Christmas gift. This is, after all, the way of the you think people would be offended if I wrap up some half-knit gifts? 

Maybe I can wrap gift booze in half-knit cowls? 

Ranger Sleevelings
A further testament to my knitting deadline failures? No, I'm not going to mention my Monkey socks that I haven't touched since my last post. These little Ranger sleevelings are from dear Matthew's anniversary present. I did manage to finish the sleeves before our anniversary (five years! Holy crap), so I wrapped them up and had an unfinished gift.

This year I've chosen some rather simple, yet time-consuming knits. I've decided to try new, more luxurious yarns and will (hopefully) have them all done for a *real* update on Christmas Eve. 

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