Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Things: Lorna's Laces Solemate

Between TNNA happening a few weeks ago and Sock Summit looming on the horizon, things have been really busy at the shop. And we have been reaping the benefits.

New things are rolling in pretty much every single day, including Solemate, the newest yarn from Lorna's Laces. Solemate comes in a wide variety of colors (well, all colors LL dye in) and we are already almost sold out at the shop. And they just arrived two weeks ago! I got a sneak peak at most of the new fall colors (including Grant Park, which is an absolutely beautiful shade of green) Let me tell you, we are in for a treat. Kerfuffle and Tickled Pink are all that remain at the shop, so I snapped a few shots to try and show the texture. I usually consider Kerfuffle to be more of a blue, but here is is clearly much darker and more purple.


Ticked Pink & Kerfuffle
What makes Solemate stand apart from other sock yarns? It's composition is 55% superwash merino, 15% nylon and 30% Outlast, so it's machine washable, but that's not all. See that fuzzy halo in the first picture? That's the outlast. According to the Lorna's Laces folks, Outlast is a viscose fiber that interacts with your body’s microclimate to moderate temperature from being too hot or too cold.

Yes, that's right: temperature control.  Outlast has been used from everyone to the people at Ferrari (in their seats) to those working at NASA. And, as I touch it right now, at this VERY second, it does feel cooler.

Because of course I bought a skein. But not just any skein...A Harry Potter skein.

He Who Must Not Be Named
He Who Must Not Be Named, to be exact. This is Jimmy Beans Wool's signature color for the month of July. They are all nerds over there, which I love, and even put together a sorting hat kit, containing one skein of yarn for each of the four Harry Potter houses. The Bravery colorway is already Sold Out and it doesn't ship until July 15. Good thing I ordered mine last week :) nerd cool is that? As for the Solemate, I am Sol(e)d.


  1. Oh my gosh, Ash. I can't handle the Chicago-ness of this yarn. I want a million skeins of each. I'm gonna die.

  2. is it bad that I'm most attracted to Ambition?