Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meeting Sally Melville...part two

As I mentioned in my last second to last post, Sally Melville was in town this past week for a couple of workshops and meet and greets around town. I work most days at Wool & Co. and it was definitely exciting to have her stroll in and out while I was working.

Me with Sally Melville

Now, I try to be as honest as I can in this blog. And, before working at Wool, I was not very familiar with Sally's work. And even as news of her rolling into town spread, I still didn't really know what to make of this lady, BUT now I know. And she is pretty incredible.

While I was unable to attend any of her workshops (pesky computer science exams, boo), I did have the pleasure of seeing her speak at the Fox Valley Knitter's Guild meeting on Wednesday evening. Matt's mom, who is a huge fan and owns all of her books, accompanied me and it was a nice little venture for both of us. Hey! We're guild members now :)

The topic for the evening was how to make the most of your yarn collection and pairing colors/tints/textures together to make something beautiful and cohesive. I like to think I have a good grasp on which colors go together and how to arrange them, but Sally pointed out something rather revolutionary: ALL colors go together!

What? All colors? No, you can't be serious. But, as it turns out,  they do. Now, you can't exactly pair a pastel with a pure and saturated color, but you can pair pretty much any pastel with any other pastel. Weird, huh? And it makes sense. I remember when I was making my second Calliope hat I decided that I wanted to use a dark red yarn and green/blue buttons. Kate questioned my decision, but, in the end, it all worked out. Because they were the right shades of red and green and their "tones" complimented one another.

Knitting and signing

So, Sally has inspired me to sort my of these days. I went into work Thursday evening, the night following her talk at the guild, and heard rumblings of the aftershock. Apparently more than one guild member went home that night (or, in the case of one, woke up at 4:30 that next morning) and dove into their stash.

Sally also hosted a meet and greet at the shop on Thursday evening. She was kind enough to sign books and allowed us to try on samples from some of her newest books.


Sally modeling her designs

Sample from Mother and Daughter Knits

I tried on this action shot.

Some of the ladies

All in all Sally's visit was very exciting and inspiring. Hopefully I will be able to put some of her suggestions to the test. Y'know, when my 19 pound box of yarn arrives this week. But more on that later...;)


  1. The yarn store you work at is gorgeous!

  2. how inspiring! and my yarn, projects and needles have been quite a mess for a bit a little stash organization sounds refreshing!

  3. Oh that brown vest is gorgeous. And the grey sweater. And, and, and ...

  4. Odessa: Thanks! Yeah, it's a really nice shop. I hadn't shopped at many other LYS when I started working at Wool (about 7 months ago) and I've gone to a few these past few months. It really makes me appreciate the selection we offer.

    Acommonthread: Yeah! I just need to find the time and motivation one of these days. I have a TON of acrylic blends that I would love to get rid of...I may start knitting squares for Africa. We'll see :)

    April: I tried on the vest and it would have been super cute if it was a wee bit bigger :) And the gray sweater was GORGEOUS in real life. Also, and you can't really see it, the white dress that Sally was wearing is absolutely beautiful. The pattern is in her newest book "Warm Knits, Cool Gifts."