Monday, April 4, 2011

Final Day...a day late. Crafting on planes and trains, etc.

I read a quote a few months back that I really adored. It was something simple, something along the lines of "Knitting: it's sitting, for creative people." I could not agree with that statement more.

I always have at least one project in my purse/school bag/what have you. Matt never fails to make fun of me for this, but, as I have explained so many times, you never know when you might be able to sneak in a row. One of the reasons I really miss school is because I had soooo much more knitting time than I do now, if you can believe it. My professors had no qualms about letting me knit in class, just so long as I kept up and paid attention. I don't know if they understood that it actually helped me pay better attention or not, but they didn't say much and neither did I.

Nowadays the only class I sit through is Computer Science 1 and that is a very "hands-on" class (well, duh) and I don't have any knitting opportunities. I work most days and, while I wish we could, we can't knit at work. There is always something to do or someone to help. I love it when customers come to me for help because not only does it help to nurture my knitting and teaching skills, but I actually get to knit, even if it is only a few stitches. And most of the time I learn something new as well.

The strangest place I've knit? Hmm, that depends on how you define strange. I brought my knitting with me to my (boring) undergraduate graduation practice. It was TWO hours long on a hot Friday evening last June. Really? You expect me NOT to knit? I didn't bring my knitting with to actual graduation...I could have, but I had my camera shoved up my sleeve instead.

But I knit everywhere and am not ashamed :) I can knit in the dark (I LOVE knitting at the drive-in) and while I'm talking to people. I can knit in the car, on the train, and, I would imagine, on a plane. I knit in bars and on dates, during drinking sessions (not always the best idea) and during "bitchfests" with my best rant buddies.

So, to conclude blog week, don't ever be afraid to knit in "weird places" and remember these words of wisdom:

Knitting: it's sitting, for creative people.


  1. I hear that!! you can never be bored if you have your knitting with you!

  2. That quote is amazing I love it. You can knit on planes? Too cool If I go to france next spring the plane ride will for sure go faster then XD

  3. Yeah, you can knit on planes (I think), but make sure you check out which needles you can bring with you ahead of time. I know they only allow certain kinds (probably plastic and maybe bamboo only).

    I'm jealous of your France travels! Any idea on when you're departing?

  4. Yes you can knit on planes but make sureu you bring bamboo needles. I just did a trip from London to the US and back with my bamboo needles and had no trouble at all.

    Love the blog.

  5. Thanks, Mrs. H! I was a little confused about the rules as I've heard mixed things about needles on airplanes. I think it also depends on whether the flight is domestic or international.