Friday, March 11, 2011

The woes of crafting alone

One of the things I miss most fervently is crafting with friends. Last year, back when I was a wayward college student, I started a crafting club at North Central College with one of my best friends. And it was awesome. I had something wonderful to look forward to each week and got to spend my Monday evenings with some fabulous ladies that I grew really close to.

But now I am graduated and stuck in my hometown.

Working in the yarn shop has definitely helped a bit; I work with some fabulous ladies and get to be surrounded by crafty people. It's not the same, though, and I don't feel as inspired to get crafty with my bad self. Crafting solo just isn't as fun.

I'd like to vow to spend this spring crafting more, with people or by myself. My work/class schedule (yeah, I'm taking classes again) is so hectic that I rarely have time to venture out to visit friends, but I'm hoping once May hits I'll be able to. And host craftalongs on my back deck.

First up: Chan Luu inspired bracelet. Green has been creeping into my color palette lately (especially jade and water green!)

Czech Beads in Jade and Emerald
I'm heading to Wisconsin this weekend for some family bonding with Matt's brother and sister, so I'll be bringing all my knitting with me.  I'll be working on my Cowboy Cowl, one of my Malabrigo March projects.
Cowboy Cowl in Malabrigo Worsted (Vetiver)
Dalloway in Tosh Merino DK (Calligraphy)

And I'm still working on adapting my Dalloway hat to accommodate a dk weight yarn. Tosh, Tosh, Tosh! I think it's going to look lovely.

And now here are some more yarn pictures. Just because :)

Koigu Painter's Palette


Tosh Merino DK


Have a great weekend, dear readers. And I hope you will keep those living in Japan in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Can't wait to see your Chan Luu inspired bracelet - love them and have been trying to figure out how to make one. Happy Crafting : )

  2. Dear Ashley,
    I miss you and our baby -- Craft Club. I am looking forward to bringing Eddie's sweater-vest with me for my San Francisco trip, think of all the productivity!

    miss you.