Thursday, March 10, 2011

Designin' Fever

I has it.

A few months back the LYS I work at hosted a design contest amongst the staff. We chose yarn from the shop and designed out perfect cowls. I had always wanted to design something, but I just never got into gear. Making my cowl kind of inspired me to get moving and I've been a designing machine ever since.


The first pattern I released this week was for my Dalloway Cloche. I've always had a weakness for cloches and other vintage hats (bonnets, I swoon), so I knew straight away I wanted to design a cloche. I found the cable pattern in a stitch dictionary and the tucked edge was kind of an accident I discovered while crafting a (fail) cowl. I feel the two separate elements really compliment one another. I'll be spending the rest of today adapting the pattern for DK weight. Hey, I needed an excuse to buy some Tosh, Tosh Tosh!

Woolf Infinity Cowl
The second design of the week was my Woolf Infinity Cowl. I actually started the cowl before the cloche, but as soon as I saw those elements coming together I knew I had to adapt it further. Someday I'd like to turn it into a capelet as well (and name it Laura Brown, perhaps?), but that day probably won't come until April. Too much knitting to do and never enough time.

Tosh Merino DK
I'll end this post on a tosh note. We made a Tosh rainbow at work the other night and I took a bunch of photos. Expect another yarn pornz post soon :)  I took this one (Calligraphy) home with me last night. Already wound it so that I can't have buyer's remorse.


  1. Both are so, so pretty!! great job on the designing.

  2. Thanks, Julie! I love your blog.
    It's a lot of fun. And always exciting to see peoples FOs :)

  3. That cowl is perfect! Lovely work!