Monday, April 23, 2012

It's been awhile (+1 tattoo)

I never know how to begin these blog posts after I have been hopelessly absent for weeks, or, in this case, months. I've turned 24, visited a new city/state, traveled home, gotten a tattoo (!!!), run many miles, knit (and haven't finished) many things, and *finally* booked a proper vacation.
My first tattoo. Yep. It hurt.

I guess I should explain the story behind this quotation. I kind of explained it in a previous post, but I didn't really explain the connection to me. The quote is by Virginia Woolf, a fascinating lady and phenomenal author. I love that crazy bitch. Getting a tattoo was a long time coming for me and I have wanted to get one since I was 16. I've had some cool ideas along the way (and some not so cool ones as well), but this is the first tattoo idea that I've been really committed to, because knitting is something I will never regret. My interest may taper off at some point, but it is never anything I will look back on in shame or regret. The quote itself is there to represent the happiness, calming and satisfaction I get from knitting. If I'm angry, I usually either run or knit. If I'm sad or if Matt and I are having one of those crazy "end of the world as we know it" kind of fights, I need to knit. When I've done something wrong and am waiting to be forgiven, I knit.

Knitting has morphed into more of a lifestyle than a hobby over the past few years. I've met most of my new friends through working at knitting shops (first Wool and Co. and now Rosie's Yarn Cellar). I want to focus more on designing this year, so I find myself giving myself deadlines and "working" when I should be relaxing. I'm happy working this retail job.

Anywho, that's the tattoo story. I've been trying to lead a better and more fulfilling life, because, let's face it, you only get one. I'm the worst procrastinator in the world and if I don't just get something done I probably never will. And with my tattoo, which I just got yesterday, I began what will be known as "the most exciting month of my life (thus far)."

What is happening during this month?

*Artsy weekend date next weekend
*Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
*Another trip home (maybe)
*Trip to Hawaii, including...
*SKYDIVING in Hawaii
*Seeing the Grand Canyon of the Pacific
*Hell, first time seeing the Pacific Ocean
*Signing up for a longer distance race (leaning towards a half marathon)

Now is the time to feel more alive. PS, it is Crochet and Knit Blog Week this week, so expect to see me a few more times this week (including later today).

Happy knitting!


  1. Too bad my device doesn't show your tattoo.

  2. Oh, MAN. Even without the Virginia Woolf connection, that is one sweet tattoo. Best of luck on that list!