Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where have I been? Knitting! And fighting viruses.

Well. Clearly I fail as a blogger, but I will not feel bad about missing two weeks (!!!) of the blogosphere. I did, afterall, have a crippling virus for 5 days and feared the worst for my dear ol' (coughCRAPcough) Dell.

What did I learn in my absence?

*I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong about everything. Ok, I was wrong about cable cast on. BUT, as the cast on is the foundation for every knitting project, I feel like I was living a lie! I used to brag, "oh, what's that? You use that weird little twisty cast on? Weeeelllll, kind sir, I use ze cable cast on. You may have heard of it? Yeah, Elizabeth Zimmerman owned that shiiiit."

Nope. I was wrong. I have been using the knitted cast on. This whole time. And cast ons really do make all the difference...sometimes.

*Noro sock yarn has been discontinued?? Well, that kind of sucks. I just purchased Knit Noro, which is an amazing book, and a lot of the must-have patterns use Silk Garden sock. I may have to stock up. Check out Jimmy Beans Wool, where it (and Kureyon sock) are on sale. Order quick because once it's gone, it's really gone.

*KnitScene is still my favorite knitting magazine. They just uploaded photos of their Fall Preview. Holy Wow. Some highlights? (all photos lifted from KnitScene's website)

Lepidoptera Cardigan
Anne Kuo Lukito
Morrison Cardigan
Cassie Miller
Cornsilk Pullover
Amy Herzog
Abbey Pullover  (seamless!)
Lien Ngo


Live Oak Shawlette
Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Check out the rest of the preview here.    

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  1. I totally agree, there are some really gorgeous knits in the fall knitscene!! knitscene is fast becoming my favourite knitting mag.