Friday, May 27, 2011

Naughty girl - WIPs, Quince & Co. and new MadTosh

I've been a very naughty girl.

As you knitters know, there are few things as exciting as starting a new project...even when you already have multiple things on the needles as is.

On Monday night (or maybe Sunday), I cast on for Camilla by Carrie Bostick Hoge, aka Madder. I'm not sure if I have expressed my love for Quince and Co. before, but every time they post a new pattern on Rav it immediately goes into my queue. The patterns are always unique, the photos look like they're out of an Anthropologie catalog, and their models are gorgeous.

Some of my favorites? (All patterns from Ravelry)

Belfast Hoodie (also by Carrie)
Luna Scarf by Carrie
Kilkenny Cowl by Pam Allen aka the first Quince pattern I feel in love with
Estelle Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre
And of course...

Camilla Pullover by Carrie

After working with fingering weight yarn for the past three months, though it feels like much longer, I decided to cast-on for something moderately chunky. I'm not sure how flattering the pullover will look on me, but I don't care. Bulky yarn and garter stitch be damned, I am too in love with this to not knit it. So I cast on immediately.

And look at how far I am! I've been averaging one shell repeat per day and it is coming along so quickly. I shot this photo yesterday afternoon and have since added one more repeat. I think I only have one more to go until I get to the armpit. Sadly, I am not using Quince & Co. yarn for this. Instead, I opted for some Ecological Wool by Cascade, a wonderful yarn that I have worked with on a few occasions. This particular shade is "Antique" and, if my calculations are correct, I will need just two and a half skeins to complete this lovely little pullover.

Someday, dear Quince & Co., someday I will own your yarn. And did I mention how beautiful the colors are? Buy their yarn here and I can live vicariously through you.

A yarn vendor for Madelinetosh came into the shop a few days ago and brought some samples of the new colors with her. They. Are. Fabulous. In case you missed it (or don't follow them on facebook), Madelinetosh posted some shots of their new colors a few days ago. And they are all wonderful. And I got to touch them :) Sometimes working at a LYS has its perks.

All photos are taken from the Madelinetosh facebook.

Badlands (I'm kind of obsessed with this one)
Cousteau (and this one)
French Gray (this one is beautiful irl)
Magnolia Leaf
Smokey Orchid

Yeah, because I need to buy more Madelinetosh. The two other WIPs I'm actively working on both use tosh, but those are coming along a lot more slowly than the Camilla Pullover.

Rock Island in Tosh Prairie (Turquoise)

Ecuador Test Knit in Tosh Merino Light (Filigree)

Thus ends your photo-overload for the day.Remember to tell me about your favorite summer knitting here for your chance to win a pattern of your choosing.  


  1. So many beautiful photos!! I think Quince & Co does some gorgeous, gorgeous styling with their shots. Just amazing.

  2. great photos and patterns, i have never heard of Quince & Co before but now i am so excited that i have! I will def. be checking them out :) and way to go! You've done alot on your pattern already!


  3. i don't know who this carrie woman is, but her patterns look lovely.

  4. I am vaguely obsessed with everything Quince and Co... but I must bust some of this stash before I can merit buying more yarn at the moment. The Kilkenny Cowl has been in my queue for a while and will probably end up on the needles soon.