Thursday, March 3, 2011

In which I fail my diet...twice.

I am a terrible dieter.

I am an even worse yarn dieter. This was fine back in the day, when I could quell my yarnlust with a $2 skein of (insert Big Box yarn here), but since I've started working at my LYS that all has changed. Constantly being around yarnz and patternz and whatnot...not good. When you're trying to diet and are constantly surrounded by the goods, well, it's the perfect recipe for failure.

I started out the year on my second yarn diet ever. Three weeks in and I had bought more yarn than I would have had I not been on the diet.

So, my resolution of not buying yarn was busted by week 3, which is kind of why I don't make resolutions. My other knitting related resolution was simple: try something new every month and try knitting my own patterns.

So far so good.

January was spent knitting a sweater for myself (Cabled Yoke Pullover) and February was dedicated to Matt's valentines day present (The Urban Aran Cardigan). I also designed and published 5 patterns.

So, there you have 2011's knitting background. Time to let the games begin.

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